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The Sosnick Group strives to characterize the general principles that guide protein folding and dynamics. We combine multiple experimental and computational approaches to characterize the behavior of proteins in diverse contexts

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SAXS analysis - collapsed or expanded

Given small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) dataset for an intrinsically disordered protein (IDP), we have developed an analysis method that can determine both the dimension of the ensemble as well as the quality of the solvent (i.e. the extent of self-interactions in the IDP).

Protein Folding - the 70% Rule

We have found that for many small 2-state proteins, the rate-limiting step of folding - the transition state - has ~70% of the native topology, according to the relative contact order.


Molecular Dynamics on your laptop!

Wouldn't it be nice to have physically realistic MD trajectories of protein dynamics without needing cpu-weeks/months of simulations? We have developed an MD engine that can reversibly fold some proteins up to 97 amino acids in cpu-days without requiring the use of fragments, homology or evolution.

Undergraduate Honors Thesis 04/25/2019

Darren Kahan

Darren Kahan presents his undergraduate honors thesis research!

Paper Published 04/19/2019

Joshua RibackAdam Zmyslowski

Congratulations to Joshua Riback, Adam Zmyslowski, and our collaborators in the Clark and Plaxco groups on having their recent paper, "Commonly used FRET fluorophores promote collapse of an otherwise disordered protein," published in PNAS!

Welcome 04/01/2019

Hendrik GlauningerAbigail Schroeter

Welcome to Hendrik Glauninger and Abigail Schroeter, who are joining our group as new ngraduate students.

Ph.D. 03/01/2019

Kevin Song

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Song for successfully defending his thesis!

Protein Folding

Protein Folding

Predicting Folding Dynamics

Predicting Folding Dynamics

Photoswitchable allosteric proteins

Photoswitchable allosteric proteins

Membrane Proteins

Membrane Proteins

Psi analysis

Psi analysis

Conformational Entropy

Conformational Entropy

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