Joshua Riback Biophysical Sciences Graduate Student

Joshua Riback

Joshua Riback
Biophysical Sciences Graduate Student at The University of Chicago

929 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

    J.R. Riback, M.A. Bowman, A.M. Zmyslowski, C.R. Knoverek, J.M. Jumper, J.R. Hinshaw, E.B. Haye, K.F. Freed, P.L. Clark, T.R. Sosnick, "Innovative scattering analysis shows hydrophobic disordered proteins are expanded in water" Science 358 (2017) 238-41.

    J.A. Riback*, C.D. Katanski*, J.L. Kear-Scott, E.V. Pilipenko, A.E. Rojek, T.R. Sosnick, D.A. Drummond, "Stress-Triggered Phase Separation Is an Adaptive, Evolutionarily Tuned Response" Cell 168 (2017) 1028-40.

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    Z.P. Gates*, M.C. Baxa*, W. Yu, J.A. Riback, H. Li, B. Roux, S.B.H. Kent, T.R. Sosnick, "Perplexing cooperative folding and stability of a low-sequence complexity, polyproline 2 protein lacking a hydrophobic core" Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114 (2017) 2241-6.

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