Photoswitchable allosteric proteins

Photoswitchable allosteric proteins

Photoswitchable allosteric proteins

The Sosnick lab has been a leader in the development of light-sensitive protein engineering using LOV domains with effector proteins. This strategy can be used to control DNA binding, myosin VI, and co-localization with sub-cellular precision using light (Strickland et al., 2008, 2012; French et al., 2017). Integral to successful implementation is our characterization of the light-induced changes in the LOV2 protein (Zayner et al., 2012, 2013, 2014) that are coupled to the effector domain that can be tuned to provide the best light:dark response (Strickland et al., 2010).

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Light-dependent recruitment of Myosin VI to peroxisomes

Show are sequential movies showing light-dependent recruitment of myosin VI to peroxisomes with subsequent release of myosin VI in the dark. Time resets to 0 s at the start of each video. (Scale bar, 5 μm). Video taken from Movie S2 of French et al., 2017.

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